Chinese Paladin: Swords and Fairy 7 Trainer English Version 1.6.0

By | 2021年9月17日

Special thanks to: FLiNG, Ling ZiYu, Dark Byte
This is The Pal7 Multifunctional Trainer,support the latest version of all platforms, and may also support future versions
Download :  1.OneDrive        2.MediaFire        3.BaiDu Cloud

    Trainer Features:

   Infinite HP             Infinite MP    
   One hit kill            Infinite Qi    
   QuicKill Boss         Item no dec
   Enemy inf.HP        Sneak Mode
   QTE auto suc        No Debuff
   100%JointStrike    No Struck
   100%DropRate     Skill Cooldown
   100%CritRate        Equip igno role

    Bullet Time        Game Speed up
    Run fast            *Free Camera
    Hide Hud          *Fixed Sight
    Hide Player       *Super Jump Higher
    Edit difficulty     *Infinity Jump
    No ClipCursor    Zero Gravity
    Clear All Items    inf. pet talent
    Clear All Equips  inf. pet talent

    Edit Money, Multiple Combat Exp


    Position:position teleport、all NPCs goods location 、mark Record、Map Transfer
    Addition:items,Material,Wepon,Accessory,Heros,Clothes. Cards. roles join leave team . Museum,Favor

    Lore:get all Achievements,Fishing Guide,Enemy Gallery,Entries Gallery,Travel Journal

author: XiaoXing