GuJian 3 Trainer English Version V 3.1.0

By | 2019年11月15日

Special thanks to: FLiNG, Ling Zikai, Dark Byte
This is The GuJian3 Multifunctional Trainer,support the latest version of all platforms, and may also support future versions
Download :  1.OneDrive        2.MediaFire        3.BaiDu Cloud

    Trainer Features:

   Infinite HP       Infinite Energy    
    One hit kill        Infinite Stamina    
    Infinite Morale        Items not reduced(Alt+6)   
   Change Difficulty     Items not reduced
    Clear All Items     Clear All Equips
    Quickly Kill BOSS   Final battle Infinite Health
    Pact skills Max Level  Pact skills CoolDown
    100% Drop Rate        100% Critical Rate
    QTE Auto Pass Falling no damage

    Bullet Time       Game Speed up
    Run fast     Hide All UI(Alt + F10)
    Hide Team(Alt + F11)   Hide Partner(Alt + F12)
    Free Camera      Super Jump Higher
    Fixed radius of CAM   Switch Leader
     Central CAM          Home always night

    Edit Coins   Star Points   Multiple Combat Exp

    Inspection:1.Highlight longTime.2.Inspect cool down. 3.Enable Inspect.
    Lotuscape:1.Home time class finish. 2.energetic artisan monster 3.artisan monster Max Level.4.Build anywhere.5.Research succeed.
    MiniGame:1.Instant unlock Puzzle,Infinite times. 2.Card succeed Card win。 3.Instant Fishing 4.Add 100 Persimmons 5.Cat Realm Win 6.Scallion Legend Player1 Add 2K Scallions

    Position:position teleport、all NPCs goods location 、mark Record、Map Transfer、所有主线和支线触发点记录。夜晚遥夜湾
    Addition:items,Material,Crystal stone,Change weapon,weapon skin,Clothes. outfit . roles join leave team . Home Artisan,Monster,Research,manufacture

    Lore:get all Achievements,Fishing Guide,Enemy Gallery,Entries Gallery,Travel Journal


2019/11/16 v3.1.0: Update support version 1.2 (persimmon DLC), new features miniGame trainer . added English language interface, added new items, equipment, characters, map code.

2019/11/02 v3.0.0: New features QTE auto-complete, contract skills full level, contract skills immediately cooled, add log entries, adventure notes.
2019/04/25 v2.9.3: Support for the update of the April 25th. Most of the features in the previous version have expired, so be sure to update.
2019/04/20 v2.9.2: Increase some fonts; it is easy to accidentally touch ALT+digital shortcuts after feedback battle, and change to keypad numbers. Delete the sub-function of walking through the air wall.
2019/04/11 v2.9.0: Item and equipment achievements and other code updates match the new version, adding characters centered and custom offset; build additional sub-functions: walk through the air wall; hide the interface and plot dialogue.
Improve the main line and branch line trigger position record, and correct the problem that the equipment or item is used after one of the other items needs to be restarted.
2019/01/12 v2.8.3: Fixed multiple failures in experience after being equipped with experience accessories.
2019/01/11 v2.8.2: The appearance of weapons and weapons can be taken off, the heights can not fall, and the fishing is immediately successful and finally perfected.
2019/01/10 v2.8.0: Replace the weapon, exterior, and add cards to the designated character. The study must be successful. At night, thank you @凌子煜 for recording the trigger positions of all the main lines and branch lines.
2018/12/29 v2.7.0: Added 100% crit rate, built outside the home (built anywhere), and placed at random.
2018/12/28 v2.6.0: Add 100% drop rate, add all enemy illustrations, fishing illustrations.
2018/12/27 v2.5.0: Add all achievements.
2018/12/24 v2.4.1: Fixed restarting the game without restarting the function of the modifier. The problem was not revoked. The last erroneous deletion was not removed, and several improvements were made.
2018/12/23 v2.4.0: Perfect free perspective, add quick kill BOSS, hide characters, hide non-leaders.
2018/12/22 v2.3.0: Newly added to the home at night, the difficulty is modified, the error is fixed when the game is restarted without restarting the modifier.
2018/12/06 v2.2.0: New super jump, high drop does not die, optimize fonts and interface, correct card is always a victory failure problem.
2018/12/03 v2.1.0: New cards are always winning and fishing is successful immediately.
2018/12/02 v2.0.0: Added weapon skin, delete all items, and finally BOSS battle infinite life, changed a shortcut key, and corrected the new problem of the free version of the previous version.
2018/12/01 v1.9.2: Improve the free line of sight and correct its failure in ACT mode. Added a lot of pop-up tips when uncompressing files that are not completely missing.
2018/11/30 v1.9.1: Update support wegame, add new unlocked puzzles infinitely, complete in one step, add new home fishing and mining time immediately. The craftsman full level requires the study to fail.
2018/11/29 v1.8.2: The problem is not automatically refreshed when the total number of objects is unchanged but the actual value has changed.
2018/11/29 v1.8.1: Fixed a long-standing bug: There are several arrays that are not long enough, causing errors after using the teleport-related function, which can be caused by the function being unable to be turned off or on, and reporting an error when exiting. Join the complete process of the trigger line of the Witch Kingdom main line, which can also be used as a record example.
2018/11/28 v1.8.0: New home craftsmen are not diminished, artisans are full level, correct NPC, item positioning often fails, you must restart the modifier to use.
2018/11/27 v1.7.2: Added monsters are not diminished, monsters are full level. In addition, the revision of the home class has adopted the data segment modification.
2018/11/27 v1.7.1: New Home Farming and exploring treasure hunt time is completed immediately.
2018/11/27 v1.7.0: Added Add home ownership: Monsters, NPC, Manufacturing Map, Research Map.
2018/11/26 v1.6.3: Add infinite warfare, perfect perspective and scroll wheel adjustment.
2018/11/26 v1.6.0: Added speed, free angle of view, fixed line of sight. After testing too many highlight effects affect the frame rate, delete the full map search function.
2018/11/25 v1.5.3: It can delete the characters in the team. When the leader is switched, the protagonists will not leave the team, and the function of switching the leader will no longer overlap.
2018/11/25 v1.5.1: Newly modified star points, multiple experience, custom experience, eliminate gravity and fly in the sky, and the material is not reduced when strengthening.
2018/11/24 v1.4.2: Fixed an issue where NPC and item location have a chance of failure. Fixed a bug where the game was restarted without restarting the modifier.
2018/11/24 v1.4.0: New features: Improve the switch leader, add characters, switch roles automatically leave the team, delete items and equipment.
2018/11/24 v1.2.4: Fixed the problem of infinite vitality, the correction could not add equipment problems, sorry that today is more flustered, the original function has been forgotten.
2018/11/23 v1.2.1: Currently all features support the official version.
2018/11/19 v1.2.0: The code updates for items, maps, characters, etc. match the official version.
2018/10/09 v1.2.0: demo version: modify the money, switch the leader, explore all the items on the map, explore the immediate cooling, explore other characters, add items and equipment, map transmission, position teleport, location record, coordinate adjustment, NPC, item tracking.
The item is not reduced and the correct method is used. Explore all the items on the map: 1. Full map exploration 2. Highlight effects don’t disappear 3. Highlight items that cannot be highlighted, such as money, ore
2018/08/21 v1.1.1: demo version: infinite health, infinite vitality, endurance, one hit, kill, items are not reduced, global speed up, bullet time.